Simple Solar on the KIRO-FM airwaves

Blue Frog Solar and our new Simple Solar program are radio stars, featured on KIRO-FM’s “Real Estate Today” program recently.

Host Tom Kelly interviewed the Simple Solar team including Tim Bailey, Blue Frog founder and principal; Shannon Ellis-Brock, COO of Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union; and Reeves Clippard, founder and CEO of A&R Solar of Seattle. Also on hand was Greg Lotakis, project manager for Grow Community, the largest planned solar community in Washington state and powered by Blue Frog/APS microinverter technology.

The hour-long discussion covered today’s dramatic solar incentives and the ease of financing a new solar system for homeowners. On-air callers had great questions for the in-studio team.

Listen to a podcast of the program on the Real Estate Today website.

Thanks to Tom Kelly and KIRO-FM 97.3 for hosting Blue Frog Solar and the Simple Solar team!

If you’ve not yet seen it, check out our new Simple Solar program online and see what Blue Frog Solar can do for you. We’re especially interested in partnering with new homebuilders to build solar in to their projects. Spread the word — Simple Solar is here!