Blue Frog makes it EASY for you to provide solar homes to your buyers.  With Blue Frog Solar, you do what you do best – build and sell spectacular homes.  We do the rest.  It’s as simple as that.

Helping You Sell Solar Homes

As a homebuilder, chances are, you’ve already considered building solar homes. It is good for the planet, it is good for people, and now it is good for your budget.

Now is the time to offer solar with your new homes.

 and find out more about this opportunity.


Solar sells homes. In a competitive market with informed buyers, solar differentiates your listings.

Energy efficiency is becoming market standard, but did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans want their builders to offer solar as an option for new homes?

Studies show solar homeowners are more satisfied, and satisfied homeowners recommend their builders twice as often.


Blue Frog makes it simple for you to offer solar homes. We take care of everything, from financing to installation. You provide solar-ready homes. We do the rest.

With the Blue Frog package, solar is installed after the home sale closes. The builder doesn’t pay for the equipment — that means offering solar won’t impact your budget, cash flow or closings.

Blue Frog lets you offer solar at no extra cost to you. Your homebuyers enjoy the benefits of solar, reduced energy costs, and homes that are worth more.

How it Works: Simple Solar’s Homebuilders Program

BlueFrog and its partners work with homebuilders to provide an entire package, from financing to final install and maintenance, at no cost to the builder. Your homebuyers can choose to add solar to their homes, without adding to your cost.

We provide you with marketing materials, a website for your homebuyers, and outreach events to answer your buyers’ questions about solar.

We work directly with your homebuyers to assist them through the entire solar process.

Contact us to learn more about our program and to find out how to add value to your homes.

Blue Frog Advantage

The BlueFrog package for your development projects includes:

  • Made in Washington equipment

  • 25-year warranties on equipment

  • installation

  • 3-year maintenance plan

  • paperwork and permitting

  • homebuyer education and outreach